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Over the past two years my son Leo has had tutoring sessions with Muthu online (one hour per week) in Maths and Physics for his Higher and Advanced Highers. He achieved A's in all of his exams. As a parent I found Muthu extremely easy and professional to deal with. I asked Leo for his comments. He said: "I really enjoyed my sessions with Muthu. He was so helpful, patient and kind. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I am really glad that we found him." Muthu - Leo really enjoyed his sessions with you each week. Thank you. You helped to make two difficult exam years at school much easier.
Our daughter had always struggled with Maths, which became ever more challenging as she progressed through senior school. As the concepts became more complex our daughter found herself in the bottom set at the start of S3 - with very low confidence and little faith in her Maths abilities. Muthu has a very calm coaching style which really helped our daughter regain her confidence. We are so pleased we found Muthu as he turned-around her grades - to the point where she achieved an A in this year’s Nat 5’s.

We cannot praise Muthu more highly and would recommend him to anyone looking to improved their grades - thank you Muthu!
We went looking for a tutor to help my son's confidence. A tutor we tried said she couldn't help, another threw his arms up in despair at what Callum couldn't do. Then along came Muthu. Callums confidence soared and he went to the exams knowing he could do his best. He got an A at Higher thanks to Muthu's calm, patient help. Muthu is worth every penny
Tutoring Higher Maths and Physics with Muthu has been a great experience for my child who has a form of dyslexia. Muthu's consistency, patience, knowledge & ability to teach helped achieve A passes.
A at Higher Maths. Muthu helped our son turn around a 28% prelim.

Muthu methodically walked through the higher maths course spotting and correct the problems. Was less than weekly and only started in Feb. Muthu can't do the work for the student. William had the bit between his teeth and worked hard but it was Muthu's intuitive support that made his efforts productive.

Muthu, Thank you for being such a fine tutor for my daughters. We are delighted for the recent National 5 exam results of achieving A in both Maths and Physics. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job of making those two subjects look so easy and interesting for my children. You were exceptionally good of explaining difficult maths and science concepts which really helped my girls to do well. . Definitely one of the very best tutors we have known.
Muthu tutored our daughter A Level Physics and Maths after disappointing mock results. He is a reliable tutor who clearly knows his subjects and exam techniques. She got A in the final maths and physics exams. We are delighted and would highly recommend Muthu.
Absolultely delighted with Muthu in how he helped Lewis achieve A in both Maths and Physics. Lewis was overwhelmed from National 5 to Higher. Having tried 2 previous tutors, Lewis asked me to bring out the big guns, and that was Muthu. In a short space of time, Lewis' confidence was restored, he no longer felt burdened but was full of optimism. This was evident throughout each class test coming out each time with an A. A tip: get your child to do full revision, noting everything that should be covered with Muthu. All in all, can't recommend enough, well worth investing in your kids.
Our daughter has just been awarded an A in her Higher Maths and I wanted to thank Mutuh for that. His invaluable and irreplaceable guidance made this hard task achievement possible in the smoothest possible way.
Mutuh perfectly knows what is needed in the process of learning, which does not mean just reviewing past papers, but rather understanding your kid’s potential and progressively work in order to strengthen knowledge and self-confidence. His lessons are not standard but tailored on your kid. Mutuh is knowledgeable, reliable and professional.
If kids struggle with subjects like maths or physics, or if they want to achieve the best results, no money is better spent than on a valid tutor. We strongly recommend Mutuh as that tutor.
Can't say better than an A in (National 5) Maths and an A in Physics with a great smiley personality!
Muthu's methodical and kindly tutoring was invaluable in helping our seemingly 'non-mathematical' and 'non-homework-orientated' daughter achieve an A in Maths GCSE this year.
Our son was a rock bottom last October and had become very disillusioned with Physics Higher, in fact he wanted to drop the subject. I called Muthu and he felt he could help. After the first session our son gave us the thumbs up. It was such a relief. Muthu continued to make weekly visits and gradually our son's confidence and grades improved. By February, he passed his prelim which was such good news considering where he had come from. Things continued to improve and by May he approached his exam with a quiet confidence. When he got his results he was awarded a B which we were very happy with but we then discovered he'd actually missed out on an A by less than a 1%! Such a shame he didn't get the A but an amazing achievement nevertheless. I would highly recommend Muthu and we have now invited him back to tutor our younger son through his Nat 5 maths.
Muthu has been absolutely invaluable in helping our daughter to achieve grade A in both Higher Maths and Physics. He supported her up to her Christmas prelims, in which she scored two grade Bs. Muthu then helped her to identify her weaker areas and worked on these with textbooks and thorough use of past papers. Muthu has a quiet, gentle way with kids which raises their belief in themselves and actually makes them enjoy the subjects. My daughter looked forward to his lessons - they were never a chore to endure. He makes Maths and Physics seem easier! This time last year we searched for a tutor, found this website and haven't looked back. Muthu is worth every penny. We would 100 % recommend him for kids at all levels.
My daughter had been struggling with the Higher Physics course and didn't manage to pass the prelim. It was suggested she maybe should not sit the exam. However we all agreed everything is always worth a try! We contacted Muthu who provided excellent support for my daughter from mid- February on a weekly basis. Muthu helped with my daughter's interpretation of the questions and also with her exam technique. He also provided some additional support with Higher Maths. This week my daughter received the brilliant news that she achieved an A Grade for both Higher Physics and Maths! What a fantastic result - with much thanks to Muthu for all his support.
Muthu's patient and thorough tutoring of my daughter in Maths and Physics helped her convert low Nat5 prelim results to two A grades.
Muthu has been the most fantastic help to all my children but especially to my daughter who had been struggling with IB maths and physics. Muthu patiently helped her and gave her great confidence in her abilities. He also worked on her exam technique, going over past papers. My daughter is convinced she only achieved top marks of IB 7 for both physics and maths due to Muthu's input. In addition he has gladly stepped in with my 2 younger children when they have hit a wall in some areas of maths and physics. My children all think he is great. I would happily recommend him to other parents.
Our daughter was struggling with Maths and was determined to sit her National 5 rather than 4 as the teacher suggested. She actually approached us and asked for extra help as Maths was really getting her down. After searching Gumtree we decided on Muthu, mostly because of his fantastic reviews but also his overall experience. Having Muthu has been the best thing for our daughter, from someone who usually only achieved 50-55% in maths tests she has now managed to achieve 75% plus - Muthu's calm nature and support have enabled her to gain confidence in Maths and it is no longer seen as a chore. We are delighted that she will be doing National 5 and has moved up a maths set for next term. We can't thanks Muthu enough and plan to continue his support for the years to come!
Muthu tutored my son in higher Maths after a C in his 5th Year results. The university condition for his chosen course was a B in 6th Year. Muthu was calm and patient and helped my son gain confidence, particularly in his exam technique which was a great problem for him. Muthu has now instilled a love of maths in my son, who prior to his maths exam said he was looking forward to it. He went on to achieve an A grade, stating after the exam (which has been widely publicised as being extremely challenging) that although parts were "tricky" he felt confident in a good result. My son is now studying an engineering based degree at his first choice university and is more than coping with the maths component at degree level, which is all credit to Muthus tutoring. I would not hesitate to recommend Muthu as a tutor; he was professional and reliable at all sessions.
I first saw Muthu after having failed the unit 1 NAB for advanced higher physics. I Had a resit two days after our first session. In this session Muthu was very helpful in pointing out where my knowledge was lacking and helped me prepare for the test. I passed the resit but was predicted a fail still, due to failing the NAB. I saw Muthu again a few times before the prelim. In the prelim I achieved a D. This was above predicted grade. I saw Muthu periodically after this leading up to the exam. In these sessions he answered the queries I had about the subject, but answered them in a way which meant that I was doing the leg work. I thought this was an effective way to tutor, as it meant I couldn't just sit there and nod along. When the exam came round I achieved a B. This was way above predictions and meant that I achieved my conditions to study at Edinburgh. Thank you Muthu.
Muthu's skills helped my son gain a B in his Higher Physics. He worked with my son for a full year, and really helped him understand the subject. I would recommend him to others.
Muthu tutored A level maths to our daughter. Muthu, a naturally talented and reliable tutor, helped to build her confidence. Muthu also has an excellent understanding of exam boards and exam techniques. Our daughter has received an A, we are delighted. I would highly recommend Muthu to anyone.
Muthu helped our son to convert a failed prelim for Maths Higher, into a B-Grade at final exam, all achieved with a few months of support. Our son was delighted with the final grade he achieved.

And we've absolutely no doubt that Muthu's careful and patient tutoring helped our son enormously; and can't thank Muthu enough for the help, encouragement and practical assistance he was able to impart very quickly and effectively.
Muthu worked with our daughter for 4 or 5 lessons on Higher Physics and addressed any questions she had on specific topics she was revising. He was very pleasant and helped to boost her confidence. She achieved an A grade in the final paper.
Having done well at National 5 level, our son was struggling to keep up with the speed of Higher math and physics teaching and was starting to fall behind in the subjects he loved. Muthu provided a weekly 90min session of maths and physics tutoring for about 6 months and transformed our sons results. From scraping a C in his Prelims he and Muthu worked together to improve his confidence and he got A's in both final exams (with an A1 in maths). Our son always looked forward to Muthu's visits, responded really well to his quiet approach and never minded the extra homework! We can't thank you enough Muthu....
Muthu has been tutoring my daughter in physics and maths for the last year. He has successfully increased her confidence in both subjects, resulting in a significant improvement in her performance, gaining As at National 5 level. He is a great teacher, with a lovely calm demeanour. Thank you Muthu.
Muthu took my daughter from a 'fail' in the prelim for National 5 Maths to a 'B'. He was very good at explaining things and spent time on past papers. My daughter felt able to ask him anything and generally found the time spent with him invaluable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who's serious about their studies.
So many thanks to Muthu who very calmly and confidently tutored our son for 10 or so sessions following poor prelim results for Nat 5 Maths and physics. My son started failed his physics badly (19%) in March and by the Nat 5 exams in May following tutoring, had improved to a B. Likewise for Maths, he improved from a fail to a B. We are delighted with these results and credit Muthu with excellent teaching and explanations, and patience!
Our son is continuing with Maths, has started to enjoy the subject now (due a new understanding), and I know we call on Muthu over the next year for clarification for our son if any obstacles are encountered!
I would highly recommend Muthu to any parent or student.
Two years in a row, Muthu was able to help me get A's in Maths (Higher and Advanced Higher). His many years experience in teaching the course shows, as he is able to give very particular exam technique advice for almost every type of question allowing me to pick up marks in the most effective way. Additionally many teachers give only syllabus deep explanations of a certain topics (especially the later topics of Advanced Higher) making them difficult to conceptualise for people like me. I fully recommend Muthu for anyone who would prefers a deeper knowledge of the maths in the course to either better understand it, or simply for interest.
As a result of Muthu's excellent support I managed to gain an A in my higher physics after gaining a C in my prelim. He was able to explain complex theories in a way that was easy to understand and remember. He was patient and encouraging. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor.
Muthu thank you! You certainly know your subject and all that the syllabus is asking of it. Your calm approach and way of explaining things boosted my son's understanding, confidence and exam performance greatly. He has gained an A in both Higher Maths and Physics. Not only this, you were reliable, helpful and on hand. Both me and my son highly recommend you! Many thanks!
Muthu has been teaching my son Maths since 2011. He got my son through Standard Grade, Int 2 and Higher Maths. My son is severely dyslexic and Muthu was able to teach him different ways to understand Maths. My son due to illness had only 1 hour of Tutoring with Muthu each week and no Maths from school this year and got a B Higher Maths, with only Muthus teaching. I can't thank Muthu enough for his excellent teaching skills as my son is now going to University in September and originally my son was struggling to get his standard grade before Muthu tutored him. Thank you Muthu for your excellent tutoring. Karen
Due to a serious illness which required a spell in hospital, my son had not been taught several topics in the Revised Higher Physics course. We required a tutor and managed to find Muthu who despite being incredibly busy managed to slot my son in. Muthu taught him the 'missing' topics in a few sessions and went over some questions on these topics. Result is that he got an 'A' for the higher and he is delighted.
Muthu has tutored my daughter for her National 5 physics exam (the new version of Standard Grade, O Grade etc etc) and has taken her from an initial position where she had a considerable lack of understanding to the point of failing the regular course work, to an "A" in the prelim and the anticipation of a great result in the exam.

Muthu has the ability to explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Inthe week before her maths exam, Muthu also assisted with this and was able to teach her some aspects that she had struggled with previously.
Muthu has been very patient and extremely thorough with our now 11 year old. Muthu's persistence and talent in teaching has ensured Luke wasn't at the bottom of the class in Maths.

And he now is in the top set in Maths and he is delighted. It has made such a difference to his confidence too. Muthu also explains physics to our eldest boy who always says after every lesson - thank goodness for Muthu as I now understand.
Muthu tutored me for standard grade maths and because of his help i got a 1! I never thought it would be possible. Thank you very much muthu! :)
I have got an A for Hgher Maths. I am so pleased and thank you very much for all your help Muthu.
Muthu tutored our son Advanced Higher Physics and he has achieved an A. We are very pleased. It would not have happened without Muthu's expert tutoring.
Highly recommended.
Our son has received an A for GCSE Maths. Muthu is a fantastic tutor who can inspire confidence, our son's confidence grew with every lesson he had with Muthu.
I would not hesitate to encourage others to have Muthu as a tutor.
We asked Muthu to help our daughter with her A level Physics in January. Our daughter has gained an A and we are very pleased. Very happy to recommend you to others. Thank you very much for your help Muthu!
Muthu tutored my son in both Higher Maths and Physics, he had obtained disappointing marks at Christmas and after much searching online we found Muthu. He helped him boost his confidence and he gained a B in both Higher Maths and Higher Physics. We would highly recommend Muthu to anyone needing that extra bit of help.
Muthu helped my daughter to have confidence in her ability with Higher Maths and Physics and to think through to the correct answers. This sometimes took a while! A grades achieved in both, much better grades than in her prelims and a reflection of the hard work ethic encouraged by Muthu. Thanks to Muthu for his ongoing patience and support.
Muthu tutored my 17 year old for Higher Maths after a disappointing prelim result. He is a patient and reliable tutor who clearly knows his subject, and my son was delighted to gain an A grade which would not have happened but for Muthu's guidance. We would highly recommend him.
We asked Muthu to help our son with his Standard Grade Maths after being recommended by a friend. Our son failed his prelim and after one lesson per week with Muthu gained a Grade 2. Muthu has a very calm manner and was very patient with our son who really struggles with Maths. Very happy to recommend Muthu to others.
My daughter found Muthu very helpful and engaging. She benefited hugely from the regular sessions and in turn achieved an A in her higher Maths. We would have no hesitation in recommending him.
We decided to use Muthu to tutor our son Thomas for his Higher Maths and Physics after he achieved a C and D respectively in his prelims. We discovered Muthu after an internet search for Maths and Physics tutors in Edinburgh. Muthu was very pleasant, gentle and methodical during his tutoring. Thomas enjoyed the tutoring, helping to build his confidence as the exams approached. In addition to his tutoring abilities Muthu has an excellent understanding of each exam curriculum and exam technique.
Thomas has recently received his results and has gained an A in both subjects! Thanks for all your help Muthu. Thomas has now embarked on his advanced Highers and we will definitely be using Muthu again. Highly recommended.
We are very pleased that our son got a B in his Int 2 maths after only gaining a 4 at standard grade. Maths is not his favourite subject and we thought it would be a struggle to pass Int 2, but it all came together with your help. Thank you Muthu.
Thank you so much Muthu for tutoring our son Lewis since September 2011.
Lewis started S5 and was taking Higher Maths. After a few weeks on the course he asked if he could get a tutor as he was struggling a little. A friend recommended Muthu and Lewis has never looked back. Muthu gave Lewis the confidence and enjoyed Muthu's tutorials.
Lewis has now achieved an A for Higher Maths and has gone on to do Advanced Higher Maths at the start of the new term. Muthu will be tutoring Lewis through Advanced Higher Maths also. Thank you again for all your help.
My daughter was having a crisis of confidence with Higher Maths and we were fortunate to find this website and have Muthu to tutor her. He was very patient and provided a very calming influence allowing Jenny to work things out for herself with gentle guidance building her confidence and reassuring her of her ability. She was awarded a B after a difficult paper and was delighted - it seems she knew more than she thought she knew. She acknowledges and is grateful to Muthu without whose help this mark would not have been achieved. I have no hesitation in recommending Muthu as a tutor his professional manner and quiet and unassuming manner whilst providing a clear and uncomplicated method of working was just what my daughter needed.
I cannot thank Muthu enough for the tutoring and confidence he has given my 15 year old son, with his Maths. My son is severley dyslexic and has struggled with maths since starting school. I had always been told this was due to difficulties because of his dyslexia. My son and I are delighted that with just 1 hr a week of tutoring and for only 2 months so far, my son is sitting a test to see if he can now sit the credit maths prelium rather than foundation maths. I picked Muthu as a tutor due to a review I seen about a client whos child had autism and Muthu had helped with his fantastic tutoring skills. Thank you so much Muthu.
My daughter struggled and just failed her Higher Maths prelim at the end of 2010, with just one lesson a week, Muthu managed to build her confidence and develop the problem solving skills she had lacked - proud to say she managed an A in her final exam, thanks for all your help Muthu, I'd recommend you to any perspective maths student.